Carpet Cleaning Lessons

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Can you remove dark stains like red wine and Koolaid?

Yes, we can remove Koolaid and wine stains! Contact us with a description of your spots and we will make an appointment to solve your situation. Old or new, we have methods that have been proven over time to be the best and least expensive way to resolve dark stains. Schedule and appointment today!

Can I make any preparations for carpet cleaning that saves time and money?

Yes! You can save time and money by making preparations for our carpet cleaning services!

Please move as many small items off the carpet as possible, such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, end tables, and floor lamps. Leave tables as we will position styrofoam blocks under their feet and legs.

Remove breakables and valuables that may be on or around the items being cleaned. Doing this will give us more operating room and allows us to better evaluate your carpet condition.

If you have a good vacuum, give your carpet a once-over with it. Pick up any stray items such as crayons, coins, popcorn etc. If your vacuum is down, no worries, we always vacuum everything first anyway.

If we’re cleaning the carpet of a bedroom, it’s best to totally take the bed apart unless it’s a single on rollers with nothing under it. Very large items like electronic computer stations, entertainment centers, dressers, etc. we would prefer to work around. Roll up and remove area rugs we are not going to clean.

Doing all this will help us get our work done much faster and get you a better rate!

Do I need to be home for carpet cleaning services?

[Answer Pending]

How long does carpet cleaning take?


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